Safety in the network, but different...

According to this motto, the planing agency extes has joined a very powerful network: "Vabeg Eventsafety Deutschland"
A high level of visitor safety at events of all kinds is the primary objective.
To this end, an open eye is cast on a functioning safety concept already in the early planning stages of the event. In the TÜV Saarland certified processes are currently over 140 relevant rules and regulations which are being updated.

The safety is important, but should not restrict the creativity to our clients in the planning processes. With the online tool Evios is possible an unusually fast communication between the planning agency and the customer. On a scale floor plan are made available and editable all threads points and comments for all the people involved in the project.

For more information visit evios or VABEG®  


Large Touchscreen 32-Event Large Multitouch for presentations

The Mega-Touch-Screen represents an entirely new synthesis of modern technologies, allowing a wide range of information to be made accessible to many people simultaneously in a user-friendly way. This is a tool for foyers and meeting rooms, for museums and hotels, and indeed for anywhere were information is required, and has great potential for the future.

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