Events and trade shows - sustainable - successful!

Electricity, heating and air conditioning with CO2-Neutral travel and transportation!

The sustainability of events shouldn’t be limited by solely economic concerns – because we all have to take responsibility! We offer environmentally friendly events so that you can revel in your project with a clear conscience! In the first design phase, we work with our environmental experts to make a comprehensive CO2 analysis of your event, in accordance with the guidelines of the federal ministry of the environment.

In addition to heating/air conditioning, power consumption and exhibition and set construction, we will take into account all travel expenses and transportation costs. Having done so, we will provide you with a sustainability concept, which will set out prevention and reduction measures.

Depending on the type of event and the venue, we could save up to 90% in some areas!

And what happens with emissions that cannot be avoided?
Then we come up with ideas to compensate you in some fashion. These will be concrete, sensible and tangible steps that won’t get lost in the midst of other business.

Let’s make our CO2 footprint as small as possible: for you and for all of us!

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