Lighting design for broadcast live TV

Lang Lang Birthday Concert

The superstar Lang Lang celebrated his 30th bisthday in Berlin with a large gala concert, which was broadcast live in ARTE. In addition to Lang Lang himself, also featured were Herbie Hancock, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, and 50 children from around the world on 25 Steinway pianos.

  • Lang Lang

Greenscreens for D'Artagnan

The movie “The Three Musketeers” was shot by Constantin Film at different locations in Germany, and starred Orlando Bloom, Christoph Waltz, Milla Jovovich and Til Schweiger, among others. We built greenscreens in various structures on set at these locations, to allow real scenery, temporarily constructed scenery and fiction to be merged in post-production.

  • Hollywood Produktion

LED Lighting Development

Design and development, installation

If there is no appropriate lighting on the market for special applications, this certainly does not mean the end of the project. What does not exist is simply invented! And as we develop and manufacture new bulbs for our customers, we do so remembering the motto, “Geht nicht gibt's nicht!” (There’s no such thing as no-can-do!)

  • LED Leuchte

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